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Guiding you to good security.

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Guiding you to good security.

Next steps together

Maintaining a position of good information security is a continuous process of risk assessment and control. You need to move forward with your objectives while protecting what is important to you. Information security is a means of staying in business; not a reason for being in business.

•You need to keep your eye on the main reason for being in business.

•You need to put measures in place that align with your level of risk and your budget.

•You need to know that these measures are effective.

•You need to measure, check and continuously adjust your stance to stay on track.

An assessment of your requirements

We shall work with you to understand your important security needs, level of risk and any gaps in your levels of protection – particularly any urgent recommendations.

This may require building up an inventory of all your assets that store or process information (your Information assets) and talking to your business stakeholders about their level of dependence on these; looking at plans for protecting older or out-dated equipment and procuring new systems. We can also help with your processes for maintaining business operations when things fail or go wrong (business continuity planning), safe-guarding against failure (resilience planning) and getting back to business-as-usual (disaster recovery planning).

For initial fact finding, we use questionnaires derived from the ISO27001, Cyber Essentials and the National Cyber Security Centre work on Information Security certifications. Do have a look at these appraisal questionnaires to see how your business scores, and to get some idea of the breadth of coverage and the work that we can help you with in your organisation. If you feel you would like to take this further with us, please reach out. We very much look forward to working with you and with your teams.

What happens next?

There are many frameworks, standards, procedures and guidelines associated with Information Security and a vast array of companies offering leading edge systems and technologies. This can be a daunting landscape to navigate. Let us be your guides. As company directors we have 40 years’ shared experience building and managing secure information and IT infrastructure, from large corporations to small start-ups, and are lead implementers and auditors of the globally recognised ISO27001 security framework. We understand that business is personal.

One size does not fit all when it comes to the implementation of Information Security, and we will work with you to tailor our services to your needs. We have a network of technical and change-management associates, who we work with to provide a full spectrum of information security guidance and assurance. We work across all levels of an organisation to provide confidence that your Information Security is optimal and your business is protected.

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